Jedburgh Road, Otterburn, Northumberland, NE19 1NR

  Located in Otterburn, Northumberland, Le Petit Chateau is a luxury French style country manor hotel. Blended with elegance, beauty, nature and wrapped up in a historic story. Read more…

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2220 De La Cruz Blvd Santa Clara, CA 95050, United States

SC1 is a top-of-the-line, energy efficient data enter in the greater San Francisco Bay area, more specifically in Santa Clara, California. SC1 boasts 360,000 square feet inside the facility with 36.4 megawatts of critical power capacity, 28 computer rooms, and thirty-two back-up generators. Read more…

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15012 132 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T6V 1K8, Canada

Pro Service Moving Inc is considered as the most trusted moving companies in Edmonton. We provide customized and professional services such as full home moving, piano moving, packing, apartment moving & long distance moving within the Alberta state at best prices. Read more…

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1420 East Devon Avenue Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, United States

CH3 is situated on over 12 acres of land, making it one of the premier Chicago data centers. CH3 has 305,000 square feet with a critical load of 25.6 megawatts. CH3 has 18 computer rooms with 18 back-up generators in case inclement weather causes any power outages. Read more…

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